The service section on the website of the Postgraduate Center provides useful information about the organization and administration of our continuing education and training programs. In addition, you have the opportunity to download information material or order it via mail.

Participating in the University of Vienna’s continuing education and training programs

On this page, you find helpful information in the categories "For interested people", "Participation" and "Graduation":



Opening hours
What can I do from home?
Submitting your master’s thesis
Information about remote learning

For interested people


General information: continuing education and training at the Postgraduate Center
News and information events
Counseling and contact persons
Information material
Funding and financing



Information for Incoming Students
ECTS – What does it mean?
Legal foundations
Program fees
Students’ Union fee (ÖH fee)
Tolerance semesters
Changing your Personal Data
Confirmation of enrollment and student record sheet
u:account and u:space
Living and studying in Vienna



Graduation Ceremony
Degree certificate

Process: Admission to Graduation


Program fees
Student's Union fee (ÖH-fee)
Study documents
Semester planning/exams
Certificates and transcripts
Graduation ceremony