Insights into the program

Dr. Ralph Janik on his new course in the master program

The following interview with international law expert and long-time university lecturer Dr.  Ralph Janik, provides insights into the existing course "Legal Aspects of Globalisation of World Trade" as well as the new course "EU Legislation" introduced in the master program "European Studies". Through simulations of the EU legislative process, while taking on roles representing member states, the European Commission, and the Council, students will encounter issues that are on the agenda of the European Union from different perspectives. This course is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world practice, offering students insights into the practical implications of EU laws.

"European Studies" lecturer Dr Ralph Janik on his new course "EU Legislation"

Insight into the master program from scientific director Prof. Christoph Reinprecht

In this interview Prof. Reinprecht, the scientific director of the postgraduate program “European Studies”, emphasizes the significance of European Studies in understanding the challenges faced by Europe. He highlights the program's evolution since its start in 2000, adapting to changes in the global landscape. The program covers diverse pillars like political science, legal framework, and economic processes. Additionally, it incorporates cultural and historical perspectives to foster a comprehensive understanding of Europe and Europeanization. Here you can watch part I of the interview.

"European Studies" - Interview with scientific director Professor Christoph Reinprecht, Part I

The "European Studies" program, as explained by Professor Reinprecht in part II of the interview, is characterized by its interdisciplinary and international nature. All courses are conducted in English, bringing participants and faculty members from diverse disciplinary backgrounds together. The program is designed for those interested in European issues across various professional fields. It aims to develop a common language and understanding, reflecting the process of "doing Europe".

"European Studies" - Interview with scientific director Professor Christoph Reinprecht, Part II

Interview with scientific director Prof. Christoph Reinprecht

The curriculum of the postgraduate program "European Studies" has been amended and updated and the next start of the master program will be in October 2023. We have asked the scientific director, Professor Christoph Reinprecht, for an interview about the new curriculum. You can read the interview here.


M.E.S. program until 2022

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