Curriculum and Modules

The master's program "Human Rights" has a scope of 60 ECTS Credits. There are five modules, a master's thesis and a defense. You can find the curriculum and modules of the LL.M. program here below.

Curriculum of the LL.M.-Program (Englisch translation of the Curriculum (LL.M.))

MODULE 1a:  Introduction to Legal Studies for Non-Lawyers*
(8 ECTS Credits)

  • Introduction to Legal Studies for Non-Lawyers
  • Introduction to Legal Studies for Non-Lawyers - Application and Exercises

MODULE 1b:  Moot Court Competition*
(8 ECTS Credits)

  • Moot Court

MODULE 2: Human Rights - General Theory and Legal Approaches
(10 ECTS Credits)

  • Definition, History, Justification and Dimensions of Human Rights
  • Human Rights and the Law, Legal Sources, Methodology and Interpretation
  • Human Rights: Monitoring and Enforcement Mechanisms
  • Assessing Human Rights Violations, Filing Human Rights Complaints and Strategic Litigation

MODULE 3:  Human Rights as a Multi-Level Approach (Human Rights Systems)
(8 ECTS Credits)

  • The Nation-State as Basic Unit for the Protection of Human Rights and the Principle of Subsidiarity
  • UN Human Rights Systems and Mechanisms
  • Regional Human Rights Systems

MODULE 4:  Specific Human Rights and Special Human Rights Challenges
(10 ECTS Credits)

  • Human Rights Generations and Dimensions
  • Persons in Vulnerable Situations, Equality and Diversity
  • New Challenges for Human Rights

MODULE 5:  Practical Aspects of Human Rights
(7 ECTS Credits)

  • Human Rights Practice, Approaches and Human Rights Education
  • Human Rights in an Organizational Context, Monitoring and Advocacy
  • Human Rights Litigation, Legal Mediation and Advice

(15 ECTS Credits)

(2 ECTS Credits)

*Depending on the educational background of participants there are two alternative compulsory modules from which one has to be completed. For non-lawyers an introduction to legal studies will be offered. To elaborate on the combination of theoretical knowledge with practical skills, the opportunity to participate in a trial simulation (“Moot Court”) is offered for lawyers. Should participants have prior knowledge in both or in none of the two areas, the decision which of the two alternative compulsory modules to attend is subject to prior permission by the scientific director.