The continuing education master's program in International Law at the University of Vienna / Law School is a one year full time or a two year part-time program. It aims at deepening the knowledge of fundamental structures and specific issues in international law. Students acquire knowledge and skills that are of importance for the practice of international law in international organizations, foreign institutes and other governmental agencies, as well as in internationally operating law firms and enterprises.

The city of Vienna which hosts a number of international organizations (IAEA, OPEC, OSCE, United Nations) offers an ideal environment for this kind of program, thereby enabling students to study in depth the structures and functioning of international organizations. A few internships are regularly made available for particularly qualified students.

The master's program comprises four modules focusing on different areas of international law:

  • "Fundamental Issues of International Law"
  • "International Economic Law"
  • "International Organizations"
  • "International Dispute Settlement"

Inter-active teaching in weekly classes, lectures as well as seminars, are the preferred method of instruction by an internationally renowned faculty whose expertise and practical experience are valuable assets that students will benefit from throughout their studies.