Certificate program "Principles of Disaster Management"

The aim of the certificate program "Principles of Disaster Management" is to convey a basic knowledge and understanding of what Disaster Management is and encompasses. Candidates will also learn how to apply this knowledge in the field.

Short Facts

Certificate of the University of Vienna
2 semester
15 ECTS Credits


The certificate program includes the following lectures. The reference to the Modules indicate in which part of the continuing education (master's) program these lectures will be held in.


ECTS Credits Type
From Module 1 : Fundamentals of Risk Prevention and Disaster Management    
Introduction to Risk Prevention and Disaster Management 2 VO
From Module 3:  Risk Prevention and Mitigation Strategies    
Legal, Political and Socioeconomic Fundamentals of Risk Prevention 2 VO
State-wide Disaster Prevention and Risk Governance (Models and Control Mechanisms) 4 SE
Risk Communication and Media 3 UE
From Module 4: Response and Recovery    
Crisis Communication 3 UE
Final Presentation of a chosen topic from "Disaster Management" 1 -

 Course Types:

  • VO - Vorlesung (Lecture without continuous assessment, attendance not compulsory)
  • VU - Vorlesung mit Übungscharakter (Lecture with Exercises, attendance compulsory)
  • UE - Übung (Exercises, attendance compulsory)
  • SE - Seminar (attendance compulsory)