Module 2 - Impact (8 ECTS Credits)

Module outcomes:

  • Presentation of the impacts of natural and technological hazards.
  • Portrayal of the following processes:

    • Natural Disasters
    • Technical Disasters
    • Social Processes
    • Other Processes.

  • Identification and description of these processes, including differences and similarities in the context of the origin and evolution of such disasters.
  • Illustration of socio economic components, and critical reflection on their possible consequences on the impact of natural and technological hazards.

Key competences:

On completion of the module students will have obtained knowledge on ...

  • Various natural processes which can lead to disasters (e.g. floods, mass movements, earthquakes).
  • Various technological and man-made processes which can lead to disasters (e.g.: nuclear accidents, dam breaks, transport accidents, explosions, etc.)
  • The fundamentals of socioeconomic structure of societies and their implication in vulnerability.
  • Prerequisites and effects of various processes and their relations.
  • (The significance of) historical information/documentation on the occurrence of such events and their social consequences.